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PutLockers is one of the most popular streaming websites for movies and series which are available for free without registration in HD quality. This website has been created more than 7 years ago and after a lot of struggling it's still here, up an running, and ready to offer you one of the biggest collections of films available on the whole internet. PutLockers has been through a lot of problems in all these years due to technical bugs, hackers, penalities from the Google algorithm update, blocked by IPS in some countries and many other stuff that happened. We didn't give up, changed our web domain multiple times, rebranded the website, improved our database and we kept going until the present when we are still working hard in order to make this website to be the most popular source of free movies in the world. We can succeed only if you support us by sharing PutLockers on your social accounts and spread the word about this streaming site so more people will visit us.

PutLockers - The biggest database of movies and tv shows
Shortly, our collection currently includes around 12.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 50.000 episodes. We started working on this database many years ago and there were a few times when we deleted everything and started from scratch because there were too many bugs. This year we finally completed our database with this impressive quantity of movies and series and we are proud to present it to you. Even if it's 99% completed from our perspective, we are still adding new movies and shows everyday so the visitors can enjoy the latest productions right after they are officially released.

PutLockers - Watch free without registration
This streaming site started by offering free movies and series and that's how it will stay until the end. We are followers of the principle that anyone has the right to watch movies and series online for free as long as they already pay for an internet subscription. We started many years ago to publish free content which is available without registration and we want to assure everybody that PutLockers will never ask for anything in return for our work that we've put into this site. It's our passion and that why we are sharing it for free with all the visitors worldwide.

PutLockers - Highest quality of movies
We are living in 2020 and people's expectations are higher than ever when it comes to video quality because everbody has an expensive smartphone or TV which can stream in a good quality so they want to receive the same level of quality from the streaming sites. All the movies and series available on PutLockers are provided by a non-affiliate third party website which hopefully can stream the content in HD and FULL HD quality depending of your internet connection speed. Also, our video players are loading in less than a second so you don't have to wait at all for the movie to load. Our latest update also included the English subtitles which have been added on every movie and episode where it was necessary.

PutLockers - The content is well structured
If you are not inspired and you don't know what movie or serie to watch tonight, then you can take a look on our pages like Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite and Top IMDb where you can choose from only the best movies and tv shows. If you already decided what do you want to view, then just use the search form and type in the exact name of your favorite production, press enter and you will get instant access to what you are looking for. If you can't find your films, please leave a request on our Requests page and we will add it in less than a day.

PutLockers - Movies and series without ads
More and more streaming sites are just spamming their visitors with lots of pops and ads in order to earn a revenue but this is not the case of PutLockers. We have created this website from pure passion and we are not using any advertising system on this site. We are supporting all the maintenance costs from our own pockets so you can enjoy the best experience of watching movies and series for free without being bothered by ads.